You can’t put a price on elegance

Elegance cannot be characterised by a number printed on a piece of cardboard and stapled to some cloth. It can be found in simplicity. It can be something of the mind. And if elegance is what you’re going for with your bridal wear, prepare not only to be noticed but to be remembered, for elegance never goes out of style.


Priceless and seemingly effortless


This look is not about trying too hard. If anything it is modest. What this means for the wedding budget is that funds can be distributed relatively evenly – the dress need not deplete resources while you, the bride, still look flawless. There are boutiques which supply gowns by designers like Lillian West – who is specifically known for crafting sophisticated masterpieces – that don’t break the bridal bank. You can choose a new or pre-loved garment and make your selection from a range of price brackets while the respective designers’ signature style still embodies every last dress.


Grace the company in a stunning satin skirt with a detachable lace-detailed bodice that transcends pretty and achieves elegant.Sport a lace-tiered A-line gown with a belt at the natural waistline that says elegant without making a sound.  Dresses like these can be found in a mid-range price bracket – which is apparent only upon thorough perusal of the physical price-tag.


Elegance can be defined by what it is not.


As the elegant bride, it is not displays of vulgarity that demand attention: it is a rare form of effortlessness, verging on slight disinterest, which captivates any onlooker.  You need not convince or be convinced that you have something to flaunt. You merely exude an aura of feminine confidence. And because love feels like an intake of breath, easy, it is fitting that you have the elegance to boot on your wedding day.


Consider elegance’s mascot, the swan. A swan will mate for life and commitment like this doesn’t cost anything. Swans are intelligent and assertive – like the wife you are about to become. Marriage is often the precursor to starting a family and swans are exceptionally protective of their eggs. A swan’s elegance is inherent. Your elegance is inherent.

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