PGD Explained

Have you heard of PGD? Do you know what it is in reference to? PGD for family balancing stands for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). It is a part of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). What it means in Lehmans terms is gender selection before birth. You as parents can now dramatically boost the odds of having a baby boy or a baby girlyour choice! It is not harming to the baby at all. With careful laboratory work, the sorting is done after conception, and it works alongside in vitro fertilization (IVF). Once the sorting of the embryos is done, the embryo of a boy or a girl is then implanted into the mothers womb (or a surrogate depending on the situation).

The gender balancing process is becoming more and more popular. Some are using it as a tool to avoid genetic disorders that are prone to be more common in either sex. Say if a genetic disorder were to run in the family, the parents may opt to have a child of the gender that is least likely to receive it. Sometimes it is deemed elective to go through the PGD process. Other times it is considered medical. No matter your reasoning, there is a lot of talk beforehand and counseling with doctors that needs to be discussed. This is a serious decision to make and it is not to be taken likely. There is a small chance that the process will not be successful, or turning out the way you wanted it to. If that event should happen, you need to be ready to face reality with what child you are given.

Technology has advanced far enough that yes, this is a reality. It might seem far out in the future or sound like something from science fiction, but the truth of the matter is that this is proven way to have family balancing. If it is deemed medical reasoning or elective reasoning, it is up to the parents to make this decision to start and then move forwards with the process. Read up on it and learn what the pros and cons are; look into financing options and the total overall cost. Talk with others who have gone through this, and talk to your loved one first and foremost. Be on the same page with your significant other and share your honest thoughts about it all. Entertain the idea and see where the conversation heads. You just never know!

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