Wedding Photos

How to Guarantee You Look Your Best in Wedding Photos

Your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, it can also be one of the most stressful and exhausting. Often this leaves blushing brides to appear, shall we say, not their best in their photos of this monumental day. Ensuring your pictures capture the best of you and your moment, keep reading.

Don’t Just Settle for Classic Bridal Makeup

Have you ever been shown a friend’s bridal photos and think that the makeup style, while classic, didn’t exactly match the bride’s individual style or personality? Often brides take the advice of their makeup artist and opt for a traditional, yet overused, ‘bridal look’. While trialing this look is advised, speak with your chosen makeup artist about tailoring something appropriate yet representative for your wedding look. Including certain elements of high-fashion and magazine glamor in your style is a great way to keep your look modern and individual.

Take the Stress out of Your Look

Your makeup choice is going to be crucial for expressing your unique style in your wedding photos. However, on the day, wedding stresses also have a habit of making themselves known through creases and stress lines on your face. A few days before your wedding, visit a qualified Botox studio in Broomfield which can help ensure these strains stay hidden. Many of these studios can also offer light facial treatments the morning of your wedding which won’t irritate your skin and can freshen your skin to help your makeup look its best.

Don’t Alter Your Dress

One of the most common complaints brides have about their photos relates to how they look in their wedding dress. Too many brides make the mistake of having only one fitting when they purchase the dress and don’t take into account any seasonal body changes or weights gains or losses during the lead-up to the big day. Speak with your dressmaker during your initial fitting to discuss the possibility and options of last-minute changes. If a dressmaker is made aware of potential changes in your body in advance, they can often make allowances during their initial fitting. Two weeks before the day, visit them once more for any final adjustments to ensure everything fits and sits where it should.

The planning stages of your wedding, including the actual day, put quite the strain on a bride. But with these tips, these strains will remain hidden, leaving nothing but a relaxed, natural and excited look and feel for your wedding photos.

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