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Wedding photographers: Why They Matter More Than You Think

Your wedding day is one of the most important day and at the same time an unforgettable event of your life. It’s a day you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Wedding photographers record the events of your special day.

Usually, a wedding is a blur for the bride and groom, in which they have no time to pause and admire the flowers they chose or other beforehand decided aspects of the wedding.

Many couples go all out when it comes to the wedding food, flowers, and a band and get stingy in the photography department. With regards to wedding preparations, it’s a main faux pas to not hire an expert wedding photographer in Cornwall like Andrew George. You may save a few bucks, but keep in mind, your custom-made wedding dress will lose most of its divine grace and shimmer if photographed by an amateur in poor lighting.

The benefits of hiring a professional photographer over handing the camera to your friends are many.

Let’s start with the preparations; expert wedding photographers normally visit the reception area ahead of time to get a feel of the space and lighting. Thus, they don’t waste time setting up and know what angles to shoot from and what type of camera setting to use.

Professionals wedding photographers also have a well-stocked arsenal as against to a solitary DSLR. That’s why wedding preparations have the tendency to go wrong at the very last minutes. And camera’s batteries can die down, lenses can malfunction etc.

While experts are adept at handling such cases, an incompetent will not have a backup or the experience to cope with such a catastrophe. As far as backup is concerned, most amateurs don’t back up their files, while experts backup their pictures after every card is full.


Will Brexit Affect Wedding Photography?

1Britain’s vote to divorce the European Union came right in the middle of a season when thousands of couples are planning their weddings. For most British brides, a wedding has become an international affair, especially when it comes to wedding photography. Some of the best photographers can be found abroad. Not only that, but the price of the pound and the euro are unstable, so future costs are up in the air. Here are a few ways that Brexit could affect the business of wedding photography.

Cost of Business

First, because the pound has dropped significantly in price, the price of goods and services will be affected. It will become more expensive for Brits to hire photographers from other countries, but at the same time it will become less expensive for members of the EU to do business with British photographers. This means that some smaller photography studios worry about whether their business will last. However, there may end up being better bargains shopping within the borders of the UK.


Brexit could also mean booking a UK photographer might become more difficult. If studios close while more couples turn to domestic photographers, there will be fewer choices in the market. Unless Brexit has an impact on the amount of people getting married each year, that means there will be the same amount of demand with a dwindling supply. It can already be hectic trying to schedule a session during wedding season–things may become even more chaotic.

Imports and Exports

Importing photos may also become more expensive. Many brides order full wedding albums rather than digital copies. Having these albums shipped across the borders of EU countries doesn’t levy a fee, but once Britain has exited the EU, they may be subject to import and export taxes. This could also include digital sales, as well.

Copyright Laws

The uncertainty of copyright laws may also make EU photographers hesitant to work for British clients. The EU has been trying to get its members all on the same page with copyright, but Brexit  Whether their fear is warranted or not, wedding photographers may not want to risk providing digital proofs to clients without being paid up front. This is a concern to local Leicestershire wedding photographers who often travel across Europe for their local clients, as was the case with the wedding of Charlene and Pinky.


Traveling may also be complicated. It is uncertain how British citizens will be able to navigate EU borders and vice versa. Either hiring a foreign photographer for a British wedding or taking a British photographer abroad for a destination wedding may incur extra fees for visas and passports. In addition, there may be extra paperwork and fees because the photographers aren’t just visiting but are working.

Overall, wedding photographers have as many mixed opinions about Brexit as the British public does. Couples should continue planning their weddings as normal for now since any serious fallout isn’t likely to happen for another two years as the laws are finalized.

Steps to Hiring Quality Wedding Photographer

Wedding-PhotographersThough exhilarating, a wedding has some challenges that you need to tackle to make it successful. You have to make wise decisions that range from setting the best location to choosing the best photographer to capture every moment of the occasion. In this post, we are going to show you how to choose the best photographer for your wedding.

Check the Portfolio

While looking at the photographer’s portfolio, ensure that the samples of the prospective photographer match the photography style you like. This is because photographers have different styles of producing the images. Look at the portfolio of different wedding photographers before you settle on one. Ensure you review the past work with a critical eye and see how he captures the key moments in the samples.

Consider the Price

Wedding photographers have different prices that depend on factors such as location and number of photos you want. Since you will be looking at your wedding photos for the entire life, it will cost you a significant amount of money to get the best photographer. In the UK, the average cost of a photographer is £1,000 for the whole occasion. This price includes editing and production. It’s always wise to compare the packages from different people. Only settle for the price that has all the packages you want in your wedding.

You will find photographers in different areas of the UK may differ, for example in London you will be looking at a minimum of £2,000 for a wedding photographer and that would be a cheap one. Due to the cost of living and the level of wealth in London it will raise the price of a photographer whereas wedding photographers in Warwickshire such as will be around the £1400 mark.


Getting referrals can help you identify one of the best photographers around. People who had a good experience with a particular photographer are always happy to give positive reviews and even refer others to the person. This way, you can build confidence and trust in a particular wedding photographer.

Consider Post-production Details

The photographer should tell you how much time he or she will take to put everything together. In most cases, they take up to a month to get things ready and mail them to you. The photographer should also tell you all the details regarding the resolution he will use and other touch-ups. You deserve to know.

Don’t Forget your Rights

Hiring a wedding photographer is a contract agreement protected by the law. The contract states that the photographer is the owner of the photos until you fully pay. You need to know your rights and let the photographer brief you on terms and conditions that will govern the agreement.

What to Expect

After you settle for the right photographer, ensure you get ready for the occasion. Most photographers expect you to give them full control and access to every occasion during the wedding. After four to six weeks, you should expect the photos back.

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