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Classic Designer Wedding Dresses with a Modern Flair

Some classic wedding gown designs have leapt back into fashion and we love it! Traditional elements in a modern twist have become a trend in wedding dresses in 2017.

And seeing as traditional-with-a-twist is what the brides-to-be are after, here are a few blends to help you realise your perfect combination –a combination second to you and the groom of course.

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!
You had me at “pockets”.  Timeless design elements take on a whole new meaning when paired with a simple pocket.

The Primura design is simple, elegant and refined: a simple high-waisted, sweetheart bodice and long satin skirt with applique detailing. It doesn’t get much more classically graceful than that, right? Wrong, the only way to improve on what is otherwise perfection is POCKETS! It gives an edge to the by-the-book design. And we like a little bit of edge to our couture wedding dresses.

The Plaza’s dropped neckline and flared skirt is stunning too. But when you add the pocket you get the most relaxed bride with hands so warm, feet not at all cold. She’s standing there looking incredibly pretty and composed.

Veils and Long Trains

This is a very traditional style that seems to be making a comeback with young brides. Wedding dress designers have embraced the combination and added their own variations. The pairing of the two may be traditional but the way it is being interpreted is not.

As seen with Provonias’ Amanda wedding dress, the combination is undeniably beautiful. It is structured and minimalistic and sports a small satin bow below the sweetheart neckline. The veil falls in line with the train and geometric line detailing creates a focal point and emphasises movement.

The Plunge

We’re not talking about taking the plunge of getting married – we’re talking plunging dresses. Classic designs like the A-line tulle of the Prala (on the left of the picture) are reminiscent of traditional couture wedding gowns. However, the moment she turns around – BAM: the plunge! It accentuates the length of her torso and the femininity of her back.

For your perfect combination contact us for wedding dresses in Pretoria East. Let us assemble a drop-dead gorgeous combo for your special day!

Best Tips for Applying Wedding Makeup

Did you ever notice how much makeup artists charge for applying makeup? They do a flawless job and you look great afterwards, but your wallet does not look as good. There is no need to go to a professional to get a great look on your face. The art of applying makeup is one that can be quite simple. It is all about using good techniques and products to get to where you want to be.

Applying makeup the right way will take some practice. With that being said, these best tips will get you on the road to getting a picture perfect look. All you need to do is to read over these tips for applying makeup and use them every day.

Tip One

Get a good selection of brushes for applying makeup. Many people when they are starting out with this process will use the little tools that come in with their products. This is a mistake. They should be seen as disposable travel versions of what you really need. Good brushes with apply just the right amount of product and blend it in the right way. This is a solid investment that you should look into making for yourself.

Tip Two

Use a great skincare routine every day. If your skin does not look good before you start applying makeup. We do not want to go off on a skincare explanation. The key is going to make sure your skin is clean and well taken care.

Tip Three

Make sure that you clean your makeup brushes every time that you use them. Your products can build up in the brushes. This can cause the colours that you are trying to apply to your face to become muted and even to change. Dirty brushes can also lead to breakouts from the dirt and germs that collect when you do not clean them on a daily basis.

Tip Four

Start out by putting on less product then you believe that you will need to achieve the look that you want. You can easily add more colour to your look. It is next to impossible to take makeup off when you are applying it. If you do put on too much, you usually will have to clean your face and start over.

Tip Five

A great mascara is the key to any look. Well defined eye lashes like those you would get here a great piece when you are trying to achieve any look. You will want to use a basic black mascara. Now the brand or what it is supposed to do is up to you. There are brands that claim to lengthen lases, some curl, others make them thicker. Your choice on this all depends on what you feel your eye lashes need.

Tip Six

You will want to choose between either having a bold eye look or bold lips when applying makeup. You do not want your look to be too busy. By focusing on one part of your face, you can change this up every time that you create a new look. If you are going with bold eyes, you will want to keep the lips simple with a possible lip gloss.

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