Wedding in Brittany

Wedding in Brittany

My sister is having her wedding in Brittany this year and we are looking for some DIY ideas that we can use to save some extra money and make her wedding more personal. We found an amazing article explaining in details how you can do your own flowers and we wanted to share it with you.

Creating floral arrangements by yourself is not so hard as it might look. However, you will need some time to put it all together. Start from the deciding on particular design, orgerding vases and flowers.


It is not so easy to choose just one design and style if you like few of them. COmbination is not always a good idea, especially if you haven’t done it before. Therefore, spend a week on pinterest and try to find something that screams you. The second step would be to choose suitable vase or pot for your floral arrangement. It is often much cheaper if you order it online instead of buying in regular shops. Moreover, you might even get extra discount if you order 10 pieces at once.

Pick hard flowers. You can make your floral arrangements even the day before your ceremony and live them in the shady place. It would be the best if you make your bridal bouquet together with the boutonniere at the same day as your wedding, so they can look as fresh as possible. You might find information online that it is good to keep your flowers in refrigerator, but do not do that. It turns out that temperature of the refrigerator is different than one in a flower shop.

Wedding in Brittany

Are you searching for a fabulous destination where you can get married? If so, this guide will help you in organising the wedding of your dreams. Today we are traveling to France, a country of wine, lavender and delicious food.

We are happy to share with you are experience in of the most beautiful chateaus in Brittany – Chateau du Grand Val. This romantic and charming venue will amaze all your guests.

Planning your wedding is always an interesting journey and it starts with destination, theme. budget and guest list.

Think about the size of your wedding. Do you want glamorous and big wedding or rather small and intimate? If you opt for the first one, you might think about hiring a wedding planner who will help you with organisation. Some of the venues might even include a wedding planner in their wedding package.


Venu is an important part of your special day and therefore you need to choose it carefully.

If you want to get married in France, think about having your wedding in Brittany. When you have destination wedding you need to think about accomodation and traveling. We recommend you to rent a chateau and spend most of the time enjoying in your special day with people you love. Some of the most beautiful chateaus are situated in Brittany and small villages nearby.

Think about transportation. If you opt for a romantic chateau in the middle of nature, you need to consider transportation from the airport to the venue. Once you have sorted out all of the above mentioned, you can pack your bags and book your flight tickets.

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