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Go To Malang Night Paradise

Night trips to the big city – it seems – is not a stranger to its citizens. Some places can be a place of entertainment, be it public spaces until the commercial area. Going to the big mall at night can be a special entertainment tour let alone available area of the game be it for adults and children. Exclusive nightlife is also there, like a bar or discotheque devoted to the “moneyed”.

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Malang and surrounding cities (Malang district and Batu City) is no stranger to the tourist destinations. Various attractions that rely on natural beauty and artificial in various places. For tourist attractions as well as recreation that is open at night arguably the numbers are still small. At least in Kota Batu is already available with Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) which contains some entertaining rides.

As if not to be outdone by its neighbors, Malang City has attended a special new tour open at night which is named Malang Night Paradise (MNP). The launch on Monday (19/06) ago, which I had the opportunity to attend with colleagues from Malang Citizen (MC). MNP itself is the development and expansion of existing rides, Hawaii Waterpark Malang (HWM). As if the developers want to enliven the whole day with entertainment in the area, HWM is open from morning until afternoon while MNP from afternoon till night (17:00 to 23:00).

For its location is located in GrahaKencana Raya residential area, it is adjacent to Singosari District of Malang Regency and Blimbing District of Malang City in the north. If seen in the google map will look HWM is in Singosari while MNP is in the city of Malang the distance is just a stone’s throw. So no wonder there is a confusion where the MNP is located in Singosari or Malang which is located right on the border and do not expect to have Barenights Barman in here.

Because it is called a night tour, of course, the dark night is the time awaited. Can be guessed that the colorful rays of lights will be the mainstay because in the dark that will look beautiful and exciting. There are at least two themes that become the mainstay of this MNP, namely Lampion Park and Dinosaur Park. We will be presented with several lanterns with various themes decorated with colorful lights. And no doubt that the MNP is described Andi Prasetya Operational Manager to adopt the vehicle from the outside, namely Dubai Garden Glow.

What is unique is that some of the lanterns can move. A giant flower that flips open or peacock lantern spinning horizontally. Some pretty interesting lanterns such as panda theme, geese, flower, giant mushroom, windmill, Colosseum building. Colorful lights also decorate the cystic tree and fountains that move up and down combined with the lights that change the color beam. There is also a tunnel lighting is arranged with dynamic lights and flashing lighting plus a musical effect of passionate.

What is interesting is the existence of Dinosaur Park. This park is quite unique that combines the side of recreation and education. Several types of Dinosaurs are featured here that we can usually see in books or movies. Replica presented with the impression of “life”, with replica robotics technology can move and speak.

And some other dinosaur replicas can be used for games, which can be climbed by children or adults. Simply put a coin for 5 thousand in the box provided, then the replica will move. Some more there is a replica accompanied by a giant egg that can enter the person, who was deliberately used to take pictures.

Size with the right dose

The Malang Night Paradise area is not too narrow and wide if roughly two-thirds the size of a soccer field. The distance between the lantern is also not so far so we can be complacent if we want to immortalize it. With an estimated power and enough time to enjoy Malang Night Paradise with all the facilities are considered quite satisfactory. If likened to eating in restaurants with a portion that fits even if the price is rather expensive, not with the portion of stalls tegal even though the price is affordable.

Other supporting facilities are complete such as large parking area, food court, toilets, and Islamic Prayer Room are also available, and provided free Wifi if you want to share shooting results to be shared on social media. In addition, there are rides Twister Robotic is a virtual reality game (VR) with the experience as if climbing the roller coaster. There are at least five types of options that are tailored to their age and extent.

The existence of night tour Malang Night Paradise increasingly strengthen the ideals of Malang in his idea as a city of education, industry, and tourism. Malang City continues to clean with tourism and combined with creative industries. Innovation continues and opens all parties to participate. Night tour can be enjoyed and open to the public, and the presence of Malang Night Paradise is able to give a new nuance to tourism in Malang. A tour that combines several sides of education, technology, and art.

Malang Night Paradise is also very suitable for Malang as a city of education. The tour facilities are combined with education. With dozens of campuses and thousands of students in this city is a separate market for Malang Night Paradise, in addition to the poor and surrounding areas, especially for out-of-town tourists who want to enjoy the tour in Malang Raya. To be able to enjoy the nightlife Malang Night Paradise is enough with 25 thousand tickets on weekdays and 35 thousand on weekends, for children who are less than 85 cm high there is no additional cost. Scratch travel map
Travel map

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