Photo A Day: Cookbooks


I miss blogging but since I don’t have the time to write a lengthy post I can share random photos with a short little story until things get back to normal. :)


Let’s file this under stuff I am no longer allowed to buy!

This week I decided to tackle the closet in my living room, which is supposed to be a place to hang up coats, store luggage and a few random things. The random things have slowly taken over the whole closet. I am traveling next week so I pulled out my luggage along with everything that was on the floor of the closet.


The biggest pile turned out to be cookbooks! As I look through this pile I realize that I have never made a recipe from any of these books except for maybe 2 of them. Mostly I get recipes online so I really need to stop buying cookbooks. In my defense some of the books were gifted to me. Still I need to start using them.

I left 3 cookbooks on my table (Rocco Dispirito, the Just 5 ¬†Ingredients from Weight Watchers, and The Eat-Clean Diet) so I can use them for the next few months. When Summer comes around I will rotate them out. My home organization project has taught me a lot about my habits. It’s a very time-consuming project but very worth it.


Is there anything you collect that you’ve told yourself you need to stop buying?

  • Patrick Weseman

    Almost everything-lol. I have a lot of stuff that I start collecting and then stop, leaving a lot of junk in the house.

    It is funny, cookbooks are one of them. I mainly cook on feel but at one time I tried using them and was buying them at used books sales and such. I have a bunch-they look impressive sitting there in the kitchen.

  • Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    YES I am the same way, honestly looking at your pile makes me want tot get the titles that you have that I don’t haha