Signs of Spring

The Big Egg Hunt 2014

Yesterday I had some time to kill before my doctor’s appointment so I sat outside by the Flatiron building and took in some of the city sights. It was fairly warm on this Spring day. Surprise! Surprise! It felt good to breathe in the fresh air after being stuck inside an office for 8 long hours. I enjoyed “the quiet” of the busy New York streets. What others might refer to as noise, to me it is the sweet lullaby of the city. One that I am so accustomed to and can soothe me after a long busy day. I can relax right here in the hustle and bustle of the busy Flatiron district. In fact I took a moment to go through a meditation phrase I’ve been practicing for the last few days.

I just had to take a few pictures before heading on. One of my favorite buildings in the city behind the branches and the giant flower pots looked great. And the blue sky…how I’ve missed you!

Empire State Building 4.2.14

I was so taken in by the familiar city sights, that I did not even notice the big eggs all around the park. If it wasn’t for the tourists taking pictures with the eggs , I would not have seen the sign about The Big Egg Hunt. It’s a pretty cool thing to do. I downloaded the app but could not get it to work. Duh, my bluetooth was off! I will have to go back next week. There are tons of eggs by the Flatiron building. I took a picture of my favorite one and went off to my doctor’s appointment.

The Big Egg Hunt 2014

Egg 162

Those 20 minutes in the park were a nice boost so I could get through the rest of my busy evening. Thank you NYC! :)

  • Ray

    I love this, I can’t wait for Chicago to warm up so that we may appreciate living here again. I love it when a city does Art around town, a few years ago we had COWS all over the place!!! Each painted by a different artist or group of people to represent something….. Cool, enjoy the day…

    • Patty Aizaga

      I hope you guys warm up soon. I saw the snow doesn’t want to leave Chicago alone! I remember the cows here too…those were fun. Another year we had pianos around the city as well. I love these fun art sculptures! Have a great weekend!
      Twitter: pattyaizaga