No More Numbers

I’m tired! So tired of living by the numbers when it comes to my fitness journey.

I’ve noticed what stops me from working out is the choice of which workout to do. When I spend more time thinking about which workout is the “right” one to get a “good burn”, than actually working out. That’s a problem. It’s an annoying process so I end up doing nothing instead. Before I had a heart rate monitor, a FitBit, and started posting my workouts online, I enjoyed working out based on what fit my mood.  I was happier and enjoyed a variety of workouts in a week with no concern over the number of calories burned. I’ve never been a gym girl and I figured that out years ago. I no longer feel bad to say I hate the gym.  I love my workout DVDs and using a different one every day is what motivates me.

Yesterday I was caught in the same crossroad. Which workout should I do? Where is the heart rate monitor strap? How much can I burn in an hour? Oh WHO CARES? As I was procrastinating by going through my Facebook stream, I saw a status from BexLife. The timing could not be more perfect. She wrote about exactly what I was struggling with – the counting and the calorie numbers fixation. It’s not for me. I’m going to stop pretending this helps me because it helps so many others. I’m so glad finally identify what’s been holding me back. It was so liberating to go over  to my DVD collection and pick out a workout I felt like doing. I chose one I had bought last year and not used because I wasn’t sure if it was a “good burn”. Turns out it was a great workout. Period. I felt challenged and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This does not mean I hate all my workout gadgets. Not at all. They are just not working to motivate me right now. Maybe I will need them again in a few months. Maybe I won’t. Right not freedom from all the numbers is what I need and I am going to run with it. That’s not to say I’ve given up tracking my food. It’s important to track what I’m eating so I know if I lose or gain weight. I’ve gone back to paper and pen to track food, water, vitamins, and workouts in a journal. Everything is together and I even jot down any daily thoughts about how I am feeling. So far it’s working great and I’ve tracked everything since Saturday. My goal is to track for a month and see how this new system works for me.

Love trying something new!

What tools (if any) are working for you on your fitness journey? Not a fan of the gadgets, let me know as well in the comments.




  • Emmie

    Oh man, I’m so with you. All the numbers and tools really screw with my head yet I always am drawn to the newest gadgets, which I use briefly and then get pissed off when I don’t lose the weight it says I should. Screw it all!

    • Patty Aizaga

      I love the gadgets too but recently I felt like they are a distraction more than an aid. Could be a temporary feeling but nothing beats going with your instincts, right? :)
      Twitter: pattyaizaga

  • Hilary

    it is hard but I try to ignore the numbers…