Fresh Air Friday

Random Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I have sat down to write “on the fly”. For the most part I have tried to cultivate a schedule for my blog and now that the schedule is in place…I HATE it! Go figure, a blogging topic schedule is not for me. The great thing is I can change it right now. Hence the title of this post. I’m going to go back to writing about things when I want. Not saving all fitness things for Mondays  or photos just on Wednesdays. I feel to constricted blogging that way. So thankfully I no longer have to do it.

Random Thoughts

This week has been a rough week. We lost Max last Sunday and I am just so sad. I am not grieving over our decision. We all agreed letting Max go was the right thing to do for his quality of life. I wrote a whole post about the experience but decided to trash it. All I want to remember is that Max was in my arms until he took his last breath. It was the most precious moment a dog owner can have. I am so grateful to have been strong enough for him so he wasn’t alone in his final moments. I loved Max so much. He was my child in every sense of the word. I miss him dearly but find comfort in knowing we gave him the best life possible.

On a happier note, I am waiting for the arrival of my first DSLR camera! I finally made the investment and treated myself to something I have been wanting for a long time. Can’t wait until its here. True to form, I also bought the “Dummies” book that goes with my camera model. My sister always teases me that if I want to learn to do something I have to read a book about it! LOL! It’s true! :)

I think the Winter blues and the cold weather are finally wearing me down. I’ve been feeling “blah” for weeks. The situation with Max just made everything worse. Regardless of all these things, I need to pull myself out of this funk. I was reading a today that other bloggers are having a hard time adjusting to the time change. Really? I never heard of this. Someone quoted an expert saying it can take a person up to five days to feel normal again. I never thought his could affect me, but if it is then I am doubly grateful this almost week is over!

Happy Friday loves! :)


  • Ray

    Awwwww, that was just so beautifully executed. Blessings to you, the furry guy is just like family…. I swore I would never get one and yet she is my best buddy…… Good luck with the SLR, and give me a shout if you need pointers, we own a studio….. Have fun with taking pictures, I love those days…..

  • Jocelin

    Sorry for you lost! I had a pet, but I don’t remember much about it because my parents got him when I was walking and in pampers. Man how the time flies won’t be long before it’s time I had a kid of my own… in the near future that is.. lol. I hope all is okay and that that the lost spur good memories till the end!

  • Dawn

    I’m so sorry for your loss but glad you were able to be with him during his last moments.

    I love my DSLR camera. Congrats on your purchase