eatrageous Review


I have a confession to make…I am a chips addict.

No, not the cheesy TV show from the 70’s but potato chips, corn chips, sea salt chips, baked chips etc.

Name a chip and I am sure we are friends or at the very least close acquaintances. So when the folks at eatrageous contact me and offered to send me a box of their chips I was thrilled. New chips! :)

eatrageous original and mac n cheese

 photo 047005eatrageous sweet & smokey bbq and wasabi ranchDA-0AFF-47B5-AC35-0668E11ACF36.jpg

eatrageous chips are made with a special Clean Cooking Technology (crafted in Brooklyn, NY) which eliminates fat and reduce calories while maintaining the delicious taste and crunch we all love in a chip. As described on their website, their clean cooking technology allows them to make the chips without frying or baking.

We use our proprietary Clean Cooking Technology. As awesome and complicated as that might sound, it’s actually pretty simple. We specifically formulate our all natural ingredients to provide a great taste and crunch without frying. With our thermal flash process we cook our chips to perfection without the grease, eliminating virtually all the fat and reducing calories. Bingo! Cleaner, healthier, super crunchy chips.

Since we made the tasting of the eatrageous chips a family event, we put out a nice spread. I was a fun thing to do when you’re snowed in for the 100th time this Winter. :)

eatrageous chips

 Right off the bat we loved the tube shape! An original concept that makes the chip perfect for dipping. The flavors are also a nice variety: original sea salt, sweet & smokey bbq, crunchy mac n’ cheese, and wasabi ranch. I tasted the original flavor first and loved it. As a true chip addict, I appreciated the crunch and sea salt flavor, two of my favorite things.  The mac n’ cheese I knew I’d love even before trying it because seriously who doesn’t love mac n’ cheese. Add that flavor into a chip and it’s a win-win! I am not a bbq flavor girl. It’s not a chip flavor I ever have so I was not really interested in trying these out. But since this is a review, I knew I had to taste them all…at least once. I was really surprised. The eatrageous bbq flavor not too spicy or over powering with seasoning like other brands. Lastly, I am not a fan of wasabi at all. I don’t eat sushi, so the flavor is not for me. I tasted the wasabi eatrageous and did not like it at first but then a few days later when I tried it again it grew on me. My mom and sister loved the wasabi flavor instantly.  In fact my mom said it was her favorite. My sister loved the bbq flavor the most. There really is something here for all tastes.

I have to be 100% honest here, I didn’t even glance at the nutritional label until after we started tasting the chips. These were brand new-to-me-chips so I was tasting them no mater what. Each bag was 100 calories, non-gmo, gluten-free, and the ingredients were all words I can pronounce –  potato, yellow pea, rice, sunflower oil, salt, and all natural seasonings. Nothing fake! :)

All in all the eatrageous chips are a great snack, especially for a chips addict like myself. I will definitely be repurchasing these chips. To see where you can find eatrageous chips, click here. Make sure to follow eatrageous on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on the latest news.



Disclosure: I received a box of eatrageous chips for the purpose of review. All opinions are 100% my own.
  • Cassandre

    love that it’s manufactured in BK. they just started following me on twitter and I was wondering what it was.. thanks for the post. i love a good healthy and low calorie chip.

  • Raquel

    The last thing I bought were some cute file folders. Where did you get those sticky notes? They are so cute!

    • Patty Aizaga

      Thank you! I got those at TJ Maxx.
      Twitter: pattyaizaga

  • Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    I love chips too. I can eat way too many in one sitting. These are a great alternative!!