My First Time!

NaBloPoMO Day 1

For the first post of NaBloPoMo I decided to go with my own topic. I have been meaning to do this “vlog tag of firsts” for some time. Thanks to a little NaBloPoMo motivation, I finally made the time to shoot this video. :)

Link: My first YouTube video

The original video was posted by Anna Saccone on her YouTube Channel, The Style Diet.

Please leave a comment if you do this vlog tag. 


NaBloPoMo Nov 2013


    • admin says:

      Thanks Liz! I updated the post with the link. I put it on the downbar of my YouTube channel but forgot to post it here.

      Max is always a silly dog and I love him for being that way! :)
      Twitter: pattyaizaga

    • admin says:

      Thanks Nellie! :) Can’t wait to see your firsts vlog. I grew up drinking coffee with milk since I was in the 3rd grade. Latin parents don’t believe in that “don’t give your children coffee” business. On my first date I had my first Greek coffee, a frappe, and I was in love! :)
      Twitter: pattyaizaga

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