Walking as a Workout

“Learn to walk before you can run.”

– David A. Rich, from 7 Biblical Truths You Won’t Hear in Church

Essentially this quote means slow down and take things one step at a time. This is where the challenge lies. When you are used to doing multiple things at once, putting out fires everywhere and dealing with all the ups and downs of life, you do not want to hear the words “slow down”. However there are times when life and its circumstances do not give you a choice. It stops you right in your tracks. Like or not!

So what does one do?

Start at the beginning.

This applies to me with exercise. Prior to surgery I had completed month 1 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program and looking forward to month 2. I could easily run for 30 minutes and yoga was my go to workout when I needed to stretch. I was very proud of my fast NYC walking pace and would easily run up/down the train station steps. After surgery, not so much. I’ve waited the recommended six weeks of no lifting anything over 20 lbs, or intense exercising but I’m not ready to pick up right where I left off. It’s not a shock to me just a minor annoyance.

Last week I took a leisurely walk to run some errands. It was the longest walk I’d been on since my surgery and I felt every single bit of it my legs. I was incredibly sore. It hit me right there that I would have to ease myself back into working out.

So for now walking will be my workout.

This week I started with a few short walks at lunchtime.

9-11-12 Lunch Walk

9-12-12 Lunch Walk

A nice 30 minute walk after work on Monday.
9-10-12 PM Walk

 Yesterday a workout from my cable’s On Demand exercise channel.
9-13-12 Home Workout

Not a bad start! :)

I also learned to listen to my body. On Monday night my left side started hurting as I walked up and down the hills of my neighborhood, so I slowed down my walking pace and was able to complete the 30 minutes. Yesterday at lunch time I did not feel like going for a walk. I had a busy morning at the office and I just wanted to enjoy my lunch and chat with some coworkers. So I did.

When I got home at night, I immediately put on my workout clothes. I wanted to do some kind of exercise. I searched the exercise channel and found a 53 minute walking workout and a short upper body workout. Yesterday was the longest workout since surgery and I did feel it but in a good way.

Waiting to get to the 6 week mark was the hard part, starting slow definitely feels like progress.

  • http://www.independentmami.net Alba Garza

    Yes, take it slow. I know what you mean about waiting. I had a c-section and had to wait to work out. But now, I am better and am able to workout. I always recommend people start walking. It is a great way to start and to at least do something!! Good luck!

  • http://www.ascendingbutterfly.com Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    I’m still nowhere near where I was pre-surgery either, it’s going to take awhile. Listening to your body is the only way to go. Just be careful not to push so hard that you take days to recover because that will make it much worse, walk for a few minutes per day for at least two weeks, a small goal, nothing too crazy, then increase it each week as your body feels comfortable! So happy to see you back to blogging again!
    Twitter: Tracy_Iglesias

    • admin

      Thank you for the tip. I miss my old routine but I can see the benefits of starting slow. Walking do far has felt good. Hope to get some more workout ideas at FitBloggin next week :)
      Twitter: pattyaizaga

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