Summer Reflections

Without a doubt one of the best seasons of the year will come to an end in a few weeks. It’s been a different kind of Summer around here but still filled with lots of memories to cherish. Sometimes the scary days need to happen so you can appreciate the truly fantastic ones. I’ll never again underestimate the beauty of an ordinary day.

This Summer I learned to disconnect and reconnect in many ways that are sometimes forgotten in the hurry of every day life, work, family and blogging. Spending time with family and friends were some of my greatest joys. Resting, even forced rest, was much appreciated. Not only did it heal me physically, it healed my soul. I enjoyed one of my favorite things…reading. I read real books, magazines and a few eBooks. Escaping into a book is something to cherish, almost as rewarding and refreshing as going away. Almost.

The other great thing about disconnecting is the time it allows for planning. With four months still left in 2012 there is plenty of time to accomplish those items on your to-do list. Plenty of time to turn the end of the year into something wonderful. This year has been challenging in every season. Winter was a time of loss, Spring was a time of grief, it was a Summer of healing which means Fall is the season for renewal. With many celebrations to look forward to, this Fall is looking pretty good.

I’ll always be grateful for this Summer of reflection.

What was your most memorable summer moment?

  • Jenn

    This summer was one of reflection for me. It was nice to have the time to think about the goals I want to set: for my family, my business and myself. I was able to bring some things into focus that I had lost track of during the business of the winter and spring.

    Now, I’m looking forward to working toward those goals this fall!

    • admin

      That definitely sounds exciting! Cheers to a great Fall :)
      Twitter: pattyaizaga

  • Melisa

    I had tons of memorable moments this summer, BlogHer weekend being one big moment, and increased lunch dates with friends, too. Of course, our family trip to Ohio was great, and finding my new workout routine at The Dailey Method…Pretty good summer, I think! (But I LOVE fall.)